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Now, non-technical marketers and content creators can leverage the power of programmatic SEO using our simple editor.

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Upload existing data in CSV format or simply create new columns and rows of data using our data editor.

Advanced template formatting

Create a custom template for your campaign using our template editor that allows you to leverage formatting options.

Multiply your search exposure

By generating a lot of new, quality content, you'll increase the number of search queries your website appears for.

Target long-tailed keywords

Make sure your site ranks for lower volume, more specific searches that people in your industry conduct on a regular basis.

Compete with popular websites

Not a massive, international company? With programmatic SEO, you can still compete with them for visitors from organic searches.

See how easy it is (try it!)

First, add your data






Build the data that will be used to programmatically generate new posts and populate variables in the template created below.


Insert column beforeInsert column afterRemove column


Insert column beforeInsert column afterRemove column


Insert column beforeInsert column afterRemove column


Insert column beforeInsert column afterRemove column


Insert row beforeInsert row afterInsert 5 rows afterRemove row

electrical service


sell more electrical services, get larger clients

build trust among local homeowners, get new leads from the website


Insert row beforeInsert row afterInsert 5 rows afterRemove row



increase sales of life insurance, rank higher for insurance-related search keywords

creating website content that converts


Insert row beforeInsert row afterInsert 5 rows afterRemove row

Do you have existing data? Upload it here to be used in your campaign.

Second, create a template





Create a post template that will use your data as variables within the text. Variables can be added by typing the column names surrounded by curly brackets - {{column1}}. Review additional formatting options leveraging markdown.

Your campaign posts are about unique. With programmatic SEO (as with all content), it's important to make sure your pages are as unique as possible.

(We counted words in the template and ~ words from variables.)


Watch a quick video demonstration of how to create and launch a programmatic SEO campaign on SEOBrrr.

It's a massive upgrade for every website

Every website small and large needs to leverage programmatic SEO before their competitors do!

SEOBrrr has made it really easy to increase our website visitors. I like that I can create compaigns myself without having to wait for or bother a website developer.

Beth Everett, The United Way

Do it yourself

There's no learning curve with SEOBrrr. Just build or upload data, create a simple template and publish!

Unlimited changes

Make changes to your campaigns, templates or data whenever you'd like. They'll immediately be updated to your website.

Unlimited websites

Agency? Or have multiple websites? You can create campaigns for multiple websites in one account.

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For websites getting started with programmatic SEO.



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What's included:

  • Unlimited changes
  • Unlimited websites
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All plans come with a 7-day money back guarantee* Excluding Stripe processing fees (2.9% + $0.30)


How do I create a programmatic SEO campaign?

Start with a list of information - it could be products that you sell, individual features of that product, industries that you serve, or any other relevant information. Then write a blog post focusing on one item from your list. Once you're done, try to replace that one item with the other items on your list. Does it still make sense? If not, can you make it make sense for the others, too?

Then focus on building out the post even more by adding even more specific information related to each item on your list. The idea is to create a sort of template that can be reused by many different rows of information (plugging in the specific row-related information) while still being as unique from eachother as possible.

Does SEOBrrr work on any site?

Yes! You create campaigns on but can pull in the campaigns on any website platform. We're working on building various plugins now to make it easier for our users (we currently have a WordPress plugin). If you have any questions about installation - please let us know!

How long will my campaigns take to work?

SEO generally takes some time to work (a few weeks to months or so depending on how much traffic your site currently has). That's because search engines have to discover and then index your content. Once it's indexed, it may not rank well right away. But we believe that SEO is an investment that returns one of the highest returns in the industry.

Do you offer discounted annual plans?

Absolutely. You can save the cost of 1 month when you pay in full for a year!

What if I don't understand or I have more questions?

No worries! You can always send us an email to

Will SEOBrrr increase your website visitors? (It totally will.)

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