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No code, no problem

Now, non-technical marketers and content creators can harness the potency of programmatic SEO with our straightforward editor.

Leverage your existing data

Upload data effortlessly in CSV format or craft new columns and rows seamlessly with our intuitive data editor.

Advanced template crafting

Forge a unique template for your campaign with our editor, unlocking a realm of formatting possibilities.

Amplify your search visibility

By crafting a bounty of fresh, quality content, you'll broaden the spectrum of search queries your website ranks for.

Seize long-tailed keywords

Ensure your site stands tall for lower volume, precise searches routinely conducted by industry insiders.

Rival the giants

Not a global behemoth? With programmatic SEO, level the playing field and vie for organic search traffic alongside industry titans.

Empower Data Assembly with AI

Now, harness the potency of artificial intelligence to facilitate data construction, amplifying the efficacy of your campaigns manifold.

Template Crafting Augmented by AI

Employ AI to conjure compelling blog templates that not only climb the search engine ranks but also captivate your audience's interest.

See how easy it is (try it!)

First, add your data






Generate with AI

Build the data that will be used to programmatically generate new posts and populate variables in the template created below.


Insert column beforeInsert column afterRemove column


Insert column beforeInsert column afterRemove column


Insert column beforeInsert column afterRemove column


Insert column beforeInsert column afterRemove column


Insert row beforeInsert row afterInsert 5 rows afterRemove row

electrical service


sell more electrical services, get larger clients

build trust among local homeowners, get new leads from the website


Insert row beforeInsert row afterInsert 5 rows afterRemove row



increase sales of life insurance, rank higher for insurance-related search keywords

creating website content that converts


Insert row beforeInsert row afterInsert 5 rows afterRemove row

Do you have existing data? Upload it here to be used in your campaign.

Second, create a template





Generate with AI

Create a post template that will use your data as variables within the text. Variables can be added by typing the column names surrounded by curly brackets - {{column1}}. Review additional formatting options leveraging markdown.

Your campaign posts are about unique. With programmatic SEO (as with all content), it's important to make sure your pages are as unique as possible.

(We counted words in the template and ~ words from variables.)


Dive into a swift video demonstration unveiling the steps to craft and launch a programmatic SEO campaign on SEOBrrr.

A colossal leap for every website

Whether petite or towering, every website must harness programmatic SEO before the competition catches wind!

SEOBrrr has streamlined the surge in our website traffic. I appreciate the autonomy in campaign creation without the pause or need for a web developer's aid.

Beth Everett, The United Way

DIY mastery

With SEOBrrr, there's zero learning curve. Simply build or upload data, craft a basic template, and hit publish!

Unlimited adjustments

Revise your campaigns, templates, or data at your whim. The changes reflect instantly on your website.

Unlimited domains

Agency aficionado or multi-site maestro? Build and manage campaigns for numerous websites under one roof.

Plans & pricing

No contracts or surprises. Pause or cancel anytime.




For websites getting started with programmatic SEO.



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What's included:

  • Unlimited changes
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For websites making a serious commitment to growing their visitors.



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What's included:

  • Unlimited changes
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  • 1,000 data rows
  • 10,000 pageviews/mo.


For websites with large-scale programmatic SEO campaigns.



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What's included:

  • Unlimited changes
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For agencies or websites needing custom limits.


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What's included:

  • Unlimited changes
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited data rows
  • Unlimited pageviews per mo.

All plans come with a 7-day money back guarantee* Excluding Stripe processing fees (2.9% + $0.30)


How do I create a programmatic SEO campaign?

Commence with an Information Catalog - Be it the array of products you vend, their distinct features, the diverse industries you cater to, or any pertinent data. Pick an item from this catalog, and weave a blog post around it. Post-completion, experiment by substituting this item with others from your list. Does the narrative hold? If not, tweak it until each item fits well into the narrative.

Now, delve deeper by enriching the post with more granular details pertinent to each item on your list. The objective is to engineer a template, a mold that accommodates various rows of information, each rendering a unique flavor to the narrative, yet retaining a common structural essence.

This iterative process of content creation and refinement, tailored around your information catalog, lays the foundation of a robust programmatic SEO campaign. The goal: a harmonious blend of uniqueness with a structured, reusable template, propelling your SEO journey.

Does SEOBrrr work on any site?

Absolutely! Campaign creation unfolds on, yet the campaigns seamlessly integrate across any website platform. As we endeavor to simplify this process, we're in the throes of crafting various plugins (a WordPress plugin is already at your service). Should any queries about installation arise, we're all ears and eager to assist!

How does SEOBrrr leverage artificial intelligence?

SEOBrrr subscribers can enhance their programmatic SEO campaigns using AI in two primary ways: data building and template crafting.

Data Expansion: Utilize AI to increase the number of data rows for your campaign, thereby directly boosting the number of pages generated, and enhancing your organic search engine reach.

Template Crafting: AI can also aid in crafting and populating post templates for your campaigns. Leveraging your existing data, AI can structure a post based on your customized instructions, making the process more efficient and tailored to your needs.

In essence, SEOBrrr leverages AI to automate and optimize key aspects of SEO campaign management, simplifying data expansion and template creation processes.

How long will my campaigns take to work?

SEO isn't a sprint, but a marathon. Typically, the gestation period ranges from a few weeks to months, contingent on your site's existing traffic milieu. The sequence unfolds with search engines stumbling upon and indexing your content. An initial lukewarm ranking may follow, but fear not. Patience is the cornerstone of SEO triumph, a realm where perseverance transmutes into an investment with stellar ROI. In the SEO cosmos, patience doesn't just bear fruit; it orchestrates a bounty.

Do you offer discounted annual plans?

Absolutely. You can save the cost of 1 month when you pay in full for a year!

What if I don't understand or I have more questions?

No worries! You can always send us an email to

Will SEOBrrr Amplify Your Website Traffic? (Spoiler: Absolutely.)

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Use artificial intelligence to help build your data and increase your campaign's reach. We'll use your existing data as a guide. Add additional context for better results below.

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Generate your template with AI

Use artificial intelligence to help you write a high-quality post template leveraging your data. Provide a sentence or 2 below about what the posts should be about. We'll also use your existing data as a guide.

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AI-Powered Campaign Brainstorming

Kickstart your creative process with our AI-driven feature. If you're running low on campaign ideas, simply click to activate AI. It will analyze trends and generate innovative campaign concepts tailored for your needs.

This will replace any existing data and template that you have entered for this campaign.

Generate campaign

We're still testing this feature. Because AI can produce inconsistent results, we recommend reviewing the AI-generated content before publishing. Some additional tweaks may be required.